Whether you’re searching for a snappy tagline or a 1,000-word article, I am the freelance writer to hire. I create clean, original content that adheres to SEO-best practices but doesn’t sound like it was written by robots. I have more than 10 years’ experience writing professionally, both on the web and in print, for both b-to-b and b-to-c.

Don’t take my word for it. Take theirs:

“Amanda and I work closely together at T-Mobile. I mean this quite literally since we currently share a desk. I couldn’t have a better cube-mate. She is respectful of our space and has a great sense of humor in times of high stress.

We collaborate on projects of varying sizes. She crafts, edits and finalizes short form site functionality copy as well as enticing long form copy. I then incorporate it into my designs. In a rapid-fire environment, Amanda is always ready with quick creative copy solutions for fast turn-around projects. Her written voice reinforces our brand and is imaginative while staying concise.

I often marvel at how patient she is when she’s called to revise and add copy to projects that unexpectedly broaden in scope. Amanda provides accurate and thorough descriptions of our products while making sure that every last detail is covered for each promotion. I enjoy working with her and would recommend her for any dynamic creative team.” – Nikki Starwalker, Web Designer, T-Mobile

“Amanda and I were on the same team at T-Mobile for almost a year and she was such a pleasure to work with. As a designer, I worked 1:1 with her on many projects ranging from product advertising to complex UX redesigns. She was always bright and engaging and came to meetings with pertinent questions. She has fantastic ideas, even on really dry, technical-heavy projects. We had a few creative projects together and I could tell those were her favorite. She really shines when you let her express herself through her writing. She is highly creative, artistic, and has a fun, whimsical style. She’s a truly talented writer. One of the most important things I look for in a co-worker whom I have to work so closely with, is likeability. Amanda has that quality in spades. She’s fun and she’ll surprise you with her witty sense of humor. The next company that snatches up Amanda is in for a real treat.” – Sarah Guillot, Senior Visual UX  & Web Designer, T-Mobile 

“Amanda not only chose, managed and led her team well, but always with an open ear, looking for improvements in process and quality. She was one of the best employees I have ever had both as an individual and as a team player. She never said no to any project, but simply figured out how instead.

Amanda has a very creative mind and was a stickler for the written word the way a writer should be…”    ~ January 26, 2011 Elizabeth Marsten, Director of Search Marketing, Portent Interactive. 

“Amanda is very organized and amazingly creative. She served as creative copy lead, managed a copy staff and kept her department running smoothly. During her tenure at Portent, our copy team was at its peak. She has left a high bar for future team members.” ~ January 19, 2011 Tracy Beach, COO, Portent Interactive.

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