Software Flowchart

Snazzy Software Copywriting

esopro screenshot

The client, eSoftware professionals had one problem: no one really knew what they did because they worked with a highly technical software. I used a flowchart to visually breakdown the technical jargon. It worked. It was time to make software speak easy!

And below, I created an easy-to-understand comparison chart, complete with an engaging introductory paragraph.

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Social Media

This award-winning Facebook page is an example of a valiant team effort. Crisp copy at the top of the page, along with a personalized map helped put the buzz and beauty back into the client’s social media presence. I helped with some of the copy/concepts that appear on this page.



Chic Page Copy


Fashion Copywriting Services

Fashion Copywriting JLM Couture


Wedding dress shopping is both amazing and painful. Suddenly, you find out you’re not a size six or that your arms look like squeezed sausages in strapless or that your mother hates everything you try on. It’s overwhelming, knowing this, I conceptualized and helped execute a shop-by-sign page for one of the top wedding-dress designers, JLM Couture. See the whole page here.


Email newsletters

Copywriting: Email Newsletters, Product Launches

momAgenda Copywriting



momagenda newsletter


A closer look: At Portent, I wrote weekly newsletters for momAgenda. With precise copy catering to moms everywhere, substantially increased their newsletter open rates.

Zoka Coffee Newsletter

It’s an accomplishment to get someone to open a newsletter and a quest I take very seriously. Discounts work. So does sunshiny copy along with bright photos and accurate descriptions of coffee.